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Published June 27, 2012 by juliehrebicik


Took a picture of my beautiful charm bracelet tonight. I love that all the charms are so special to me and of course I love how sparkly it is! It’s really fun that my friends have one too, so we exchange charms on special occasions. I even got one for my mom. This is the Brighton collection, which I personally like better than Pandora. I think the beads are more fun!

I have to get blood work early tomorrow morning, which doesn’t bother me. The thing I hate most is the fasting! I have to fast for 12 hours which meant nothing but water after 7pm tonight. Of course that makes me want to eat everything, id kill for a glass of the diet iced tea that’s calling me from the refrigerator. Sigh. Oh well!



Published March 5, 2012 by juliehrebicik



Two pictures tonight. I took a picture of the moon and clouds before it got dark. I tweaked the colors a bit. The other picture is the newest addition to my bedroom. I’m going to use it for earrings and bracelets, it will look pretty on my dresser.


Published February 21, 2012 by juliehrebicik



The theme for my photos this evening is close ups!

One of the pictures is a pot of boiling lasagna noodles. Our friends Carlene & Joe recently had a baby and I made a lasagna tonight to deliver to them tomorrow to give them one less dinner to worry about.

The other picture is of a necklace I wore today that my sister in law Amanda gave me two years ago for my birthday. I love all the beads, it’s such a fun necklace.


Published February 20, 2012 by juliehrebicik


Started playing around with the Nikon D60 today, still have a lot to learn but I’m so flippin excited to play with it. I can’t wait until it gets warmer out and I can get outside to take more outdoor photos! I might even look into taking a photography class soon! Tonight I wanted to take a picture of something pretty. I love this bracelet, it’s the one I wore on my wedding day. I like the way it turned out. Just something fun.


Published February 12, 2012 by juliehrebicik


Today was cleaning day! I cleaned for quite a while and got a good amount done! One task I had was to find homes for all the things I took out of my bedroom after we started the makeover. One item, which is very dear to me and holds a very special place in my heart was my grandmothers jewelry box. My grandmother passed away a couple years ago and I was truly devastated. I know that it might be silly to hold on to material things, but I spent hours when i was growing up just playing with this jewelry box. I absolutely loved it as a little girl, and it helps me hold on to those good memories I had with her. It’s especially hard to watch someone you love so much dying, and I still think about sitting by her bed hours before she passed away and holding her hand and telling her that it was okay, and that we would miss her but we would be fine. At that point, she was pretty much unresponsive and I just remember sitting there and hoping she would say something to me, so that I could hear her one last time. I don’t think the pain of loosing her will ever go away, its been a couple of years and every time I think about it I cry but I do have lots of great memories of her and it helps to have this tangible object that gives me such fond memories of my life with her.

I decided to place the jewelry box on my desk. Inside the jewelry box is a picture of my grandmother with my brother when he was little. I think this picture was taken in 2005. I also have all the jewelry that I wore on my wedding day in there. Special jewelry for a special jewelry box.


Published January 10, 2012 by juliehrebicik


Not on one strand are all life’s jewels strung. ~William Morris

I was upstairs looking at the mess that is currently my bedroom. I looked on my nightstand and saw my necklace sitting where I left it when I took it off on Saturday. I thought to myself…hmmm..clean my bedroom or take a picture of this pretty necklace that I love. Needless to say (but I will say it anyway), I took a picture of my necklace. It’s a long strand with beads in all different sizes, shapes, textures and colors.

As for my messy bedroom? Well, my entire house is looking a bit messy but I have no ambition to clean it. I’m just too tired after work, and my back always hurts from spending my day getting up and down from the floor, bending over to pick up toys and worst of all sitting in child sized chairs all day. When I finally find my couch at the end of a long day that’s pretty much where I stay for the remainder of the evening.