Published June 12, 2012 by juliehrebicik


So our dryer broke and I had to suffer the laundromat tonight. Matt dropped me off and went to run errands. So it was just me and this guy there. I went about my own business and loaded the washers and what not and noticed this guy kept pacing in my direction and staring at me, creep right? So then I stepped outside because it was so hot in there. The guy proceeds to follow me outside and stand about three feet away from me, just smiling at me and not saying a word. At this point I was really freaked out. I went back inside and continued to be stated at for a while before the guy finally approached me and said “Didn’t your husband say he would be back in 10 minutes?”. Red Flag!! At this point I wasn’t creeped out anymore, but a little scared for my life. Lol. Finally another older gentlemen came in and we engaged in some friendly non threatening chit chat and I felt a bit better. Eventually Matt came back and then creepy guy asked if I minded if he changed his shirt. Creepy much? I had even told my husband yesterday that I didn’t want to be left alone in a laundromat at night time, and look, I was almost kidnapped or something. Lol. On a good note, all my laundry is done! So that was my adventure for the day!


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