Published June 5, 2012 by juliehrebicik


I saw a nutritionist/dietician this past weekend. We scrutinized my meal plan, which surprisingly enough I was doing a decent job. However, since the only dairy I really take in is the small amount of milk in my occasional cereal I need more calcium. So she suggested these chews! Calcium never tasted so good! They are like little Carmel candies. Yum. I also don’t get enough protein so she suggested some protein powder, so I bought that too. She told me to get benefiber as well, but I’m going to pass on that for the moment!

On another note, it feels like my pilonidal cyst/abscess is coming back, which means I could be having surgery in the near future. Not looking forward to the literal pain in the a**. Not to mention that they will be leaving the wound open (do NOT google pictures of that, big mistake. Totally grossed out and feel sorry for my husband who will have to pack it 3 times a day!) and I will have a drainage hose sticking out of it, also known as a wound vac. Fun times, fun times. Could my health suck anymore these days? Ugh.


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