Published April 12, 2012 by juliehrebicik


Stayed home from work today due to my cyst. Still in a lot of pain, but going back to work tomorrow because I can’t afford to stay home another day. Tomorrow should be interesting! After work tomorrow I’m going with my supervisor to a local church to have dinner with two families that are currently living there, really excited to see the Bright Space that our center made for the church for children and families! The rest of my weekend is pretty busy too. Saturday I’m babysitting two awesome little girls and then Sunday I’m going to the Cherry Blossom Festival in Philly, my Mom and little brother are going to come too!

Oh, almost forgot to write about my picture! So, I got tired of laying on the couch again and went upstairs to go through a little box of random things that haven’t found a home since we moved in. Found this cool wizard and took it out for Matt’s desk. 🙂


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