Published April 10, 2012 by juliehrebicik



Today is my two year wedding anniversary. For my blog I took a picture of my favorite wedding picture and the card that my husband got for me. It was so sweet! Here is what it says:

For My Sweetheart
On Our Anniversary

I know I’m a lucky man
every time I look at you…
After all, how many men
have the joy of starting
and ending each day
by holding their sweetheart
in their arms?

How many men
get to go through life
with a woman by their side
who is as strong, capable, and intelligent
as she is beautiful
inside and out?

How many men
know in their hearts
that they have the sweetest, most loyal,
most wonderful wife
in the whole wide world?

I’ll tell you how many…
just one, ME

Awwww…so sweet, right? I love my husband so very much. 🙂 he makes me the happiest wife in the whole world and I’m truly lucky to have such a wonderful, compassionate, loving, caring man to call my husband! Happy Anniversary Matt! I love you more than anything.


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