Published January 29, 2012 by juliehrebicik


Here is my picture for the day, realized last night I grabbed the brown version of the curtains I wanted instead of the gray ones so Matt and I went back to Ikea today to exchange them. I was waiting for him to get out of the bathroom and they had this little seating area with a couch, and it was all glass walls. There was also a big tree in the middle which had dropped a bunch of leaves, one of them on the back of the couch and it looked really pretty in the sunlight! We have been soooo busy this weekend with working on the bedroom. Most of the big stuff is done, just have a few more little things to do. Here’s some pictures of what I have so far.


The picture is a bit blurry, sorry! I need to put a picture in that picture frame. Hopefully this week!


Here is our bed so far, still waiting for wall art, some yellow and gray pillows and I haven’t put the nightstands back. I also might hang some lights behind the curtains that are behind the bed, I think it would be pretty!


Here is my awesome curtains, I splurged a bit for these but I absolutely love love love them!


Here is a shot of my dresser, still looking for some decorative pieces to add and I also need to fill the picture frames.


I really love this too! They had this bar and hooks for pretty cheap at Ikea and I thought it would be awesome for my necklaces rather than the command hooks i was using before. Love it!


The bookshelf I painted earlier in the week, with some yellow bins I picked up at Lowes the other day. Still not quite sure how or what I want the shelves to look like. How it’s set up now is most likely temporary!

Hope you like my pictures! Any comments or suggestions are greatly appreciated!


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