Published January 14, 2012 by juliehrebicik


What a great weekend so far, babysitting Tank and my family coming! This is a look at our day today.

10:30 – Sara arrives with Tank. We eat doughnuts, scrambled eggs and fried egg sandwiches. We also turn on Sesame Street.

11:00 – Sara leaves. Matt, Tank and I play playdough, and with our dog Zoey.

12:00 – I put on Monsters Inc. for Tank, and we play with his toys and read a book about Dinosaurs several times.

1:00 – Matt falls asleep on the couch and Tank and I alternate eating goldfish and giggling at Matt’s snoring.

1:30 – We start Monsters Inc all over again and play with Tanks angry birds.

2:00 – Tank and I take a nap on the couch. Matt plays Skyrim.

3:30 – Tank talks in his sleep and wakes up, as soon as he starts talking I’m wide awake. Must be some sort of motherly instinct considering my alarm clock can’t even wake me up. We start Monsters Inc again.

4:00 – We run around the house being “super fast” and Tank has to clutch his puppy close because Zoey thinks its a toy for her.

4:30 – I put pizza in the oven and we play while it cooks.

5:00 – We sit down and eat pizza with ranch dressing, and start Monsters Inc again.

5:30 – Matt asks Tank if he can watch football and his request is denied. Haha. So Tank and I watch Monsters Inc and Matt goes to the computer room to watch some football.

6:00 – Tank helps me around the house. We go upstairs and he helps me fill my laundry basket with clothes. Then he goes to visit uncle Matt and borrow one of his cool cars. We go downstairs and Tank pushes the start button on the washing machine for me.

7:00 – We start the movie over again and play with Tanks angry birds. Tank discovers that empty 5 gallon water jugs are a blast. I sat back and watches, thoroughly amused.



(they are a bit grainy and blurry, oops!)

7:30 – We head to the grocery store for some things I forgot to buy yesterday. Tank rides around in a car cart and gets a Hot Wheels car for being so well behaved. Even the cashier commented about how well he behaved he was!

8:00 – We get back and turn on the TV to look for Mommy and Daddy (whose name is apparently Jacob, even though I thought it was Mike. Lol) at the Broncos game.

8:30 – I bring Tank upstairs for bedtime. I turn on ….can you guess? Monsters Inc! Then i lay in bed with him for a while.

What a fun day with my best little buddy. We had a great time! Now I’m just finishing up some last minute cleaning before my family gets here!


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