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Published January 31, 2012 by juliehrebicik


These are three of my favorite elements from my bedroom. My framed photograph, my black lantern and my curtains that I’m so in love with! Not too much new in my life these days. Tired today, just hanging around watching TV. Short post tonight. Brain isn’t functioning. I’m just too sleepy!



Published January 30, 2012 by juliehrebicik


Behind the scenes! My bedroom is put back together but this is the aftermath of redoing our room. To the left of the trash bag there is even more things that need to be cleaned up! Oh well, at least my bedroom is pretty! Guess I’ll start on that mess tomorrow!


Published January 29, 2012 by juliehrebicik


Here is my picture for the day, realized last night I grabbed the brown version of the curtains I wanted instead of the gray ones so Matt and I went back to Ikea today to exchange them. I was waiting for him to get out of the bathroom and they had this little seating area with a couch, and it was all glass walls. There was also a big tree in the middle which had dropped a bunch of leaves, one of them on the back of the couch and it looked really pretty in the sunlight! We have been soooo busy this weekend with working on the bedroom. Most of the big stuff is done, just have a few more little things to do. Here’s some pictures of what I have so far.


The picture is a bit blurry, sorry! I need to put a picture in that picture frame. Hopefully this week!


Here is our bed so far, still waiting for wall art, some yellow and gray pillows and I haven’t put the nightstands back. I also might hang some lights behind the curtains that are behind the bed, I think it would be pretty!


Here is my awesome curtains, I splurged a bit for these but I absolutely love love love them!


Here is a shot of my dresser, still looking for some decorative pieces to add and I also need to fill the picture frames.


I really love this too! They had this bar and hooks for pretty cheap at Ikea and I thought it would be awesome for my necklaces rather than the command hooks i was using before. Love it!


The bookshelf I painted earlier in the week, with some yellow bins I picked up at Lowes the other day. Still not quite sure how or what I want the shelves to look like. How it’s set up now is most likely temporary!

Hope you like my pictures! Any comments or suggestions are greatly appreciated!


Published January 28, 2012 by juliehrebicik


Taking a break from painting….again, to write my blog! I had a full day today! Got up early to go with Sara to Empire Beauty School to get our hair done. I got blonde and red highlights. It didn’t turn out as nice as last time and the red is hard to see but I like it and for $22 I’m okay with it! Then Matt, Mike, Sara, Tank and I went to Ikea. They needed things for baby #2 and I needed things for my bedroom makeover. I took a picture of some of the things I bought. I got some black and white picture frames, black throw pillows, black throw blanket, black lanterns and some things that aren’t in the picture are the curtain rods and curtains for the canopy, and some yellow fabric bins for the bookshelf. I also found these gray curtains for the windows that I’m absolutely in love with but I grabbed the brown version by mistake so I might go exchange them tomorrow! Well, got to get back to painting!


Published January 27, 2012 by juliehrebicik


Washed the paint off my hands and took a little break to get my post in before midnight! We have begun the next phase of our bedroom makeover. We are painting our bedroom. The color I’m using is called Knitting Needles. It’s a gray color. It looks fantastic. The picture doesn’t do it much justice, but I love it. I’ve been doing all the trimming work while Matt uses the roller. I hate doing the trim. Blah. Looks like we might need a second coat too. My house is a disaster area right now with most things being pulled out of our bedroom and mess drives me nuts. We will be sleeping on the couch tonight, don’t want to inhale paint fumes all night! Looking forward to tomorrow. My bestie Sara and I are going to get our hair done and then Sara, Matt and I are going to Ikea. I’m going to be getting the curtain rods and curtains for the “canopy” above the bed. I might be picking up some black lanterns too!


Published January 26, 2012 by juliehrebicik


Was looking out my bedroom window and thought the sky looked cool around the tree. So that is my picture for the evening. I spent most of my night painting more. The rocking chair is completely painted, just need to make a cushion for it. I put a second coat of paint on the bookshelf and then a first coat on the shelves. The end is near! I’ll be happy to be done painting soon and have my computer room free of furniture.


Published January 25, 2012 by juliehrebicik


I’m still finishing up the rocking chair, but I have started on my next project of painting this bookshelf. This is what our TV sits on in our bedroom. If you look to the right side of the bookshelf you can see the shelves of the bookshelf leaning on the closet door. That’s the original color, and as you can see I’m painting the bookshelf black. Got the first coat on, and need to add another coat tomorrow. Hopefully painting our bedroom this weekend! I like doing small detail painting like on the rocking chair, but having to paint a large surface like the bookshelf and our bedroom makes me sore and hate painting.